Vanishing Edge Pools - Visual art for your backyard

There are many different types of vanishing edge pools that can be incorporated into a normal pool design. These types range from a contemporary theme utilizing such materials that give straight and tight lines to natural based pools incorporating such materials that give a more random look and feel to the entire project design.

The right materials to the desired look your customer wants to achieve could bring not only making the customer happy but a piece of architecture for the whole world to admire and want to duplicate. Photos taken of some of the most desirable pools make it into publications and give the public not only something to admire but also to want for themselves.

Once discussing the theme of the pool with the customer, it is key for the pool designer to take in the surrounding location, grade and some of the architectural elements of the residence to make the pool project be complete. Whether this pool project turns into a contemporary or the natural design, there are several factors to incorporating a vanishing edge into the pool design.

These factors come into play of the background that the vanishing edge is being mirrored or linked to. When I say mirrored, I want the pool to take on the surrounding trees landscape and sky, in the stillest of the water. When I say linked to I want the pool to be linked to the ocean or lake of that is the given background.

Setting the right theme to the backyard makes the project complete and admired, which is the overall mission. If my background is an ocean, most pools of this caliber take on a contemporary feel, utilizing materials with straight edges and tight lines. If my background or surroundings are trees and a grassy meadow the project can still part take in a contemporary design but you will find a more natural design feels better, utilizing materials such as boulders, random paver or stone decking and a possible water feature.

Vanishing edges whether in a natural or contemporary design should be subtle and be enjoyed by the customer and not be defying as the water makes it's way over the dam wall of the pool to create the vanishing edge. The small trickle of the water over tile or a stone veneer on the opposite side of the walls is the best way to achieve the look and feel of a true vanishing edge pool.

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