Pool Installation Process for Concrete Pools

At Garden Patios, Inc. we take pride of our concrete pool installations. From the design process to the final application, I will take you through the concrete pool process.

This process starts with the excavation of the pool in the desired shape. We mark our lines of the pool and proceed one foot back from the overall shape of the pool to allow for the final application of concrete. Once the pool has been excavated we start to plumb our return and supply lines using all rigid schedule forty pipes to allow for a much nicer flow of water to all areas intended for filtration. In this process additional lines will also be installed for waterfalls and lighting.

Next is the steel process of the pool which we use 1/2 inch steel rebar also known as number 4 rebar. The steel is put up in such a way to construct a grid of 10x10 squares throughout the entire frame work of the pool. Additional framing of rebar is always needed in the bond beam section of the pool also known as the coping section of the pool.

All sections of the pool are obviously important but at Garden Patios, Inc. we take extra steps in the pool process to make sure your pool is water tight. After the framework of the rebar is completed and inspected by the township, we move onto the process of shotcrete which is the concrete installation in and around the rebar framework. Our company uses shotcrete because it is a more controlled way of getting a solid section of concrete formed. Shotcrete utilizes the ordering of concrete from a concrete batch plant and then spraying the delivered concrete to the framework of the pool through a compression hose and pump. This process does not use any of the customers water which is a more controlled process, unlike gunite. Gunite is mixed onsite rather than a premixed batch coming from a concrete plant to get the overall desired PSI or pounds per square inch of about 4000. Our crew shoots shotcrete, wrapping the concrete in and around the framework to get the desired 9 and 10 inches of concrete for the walls and floor respective fully. After the concrete is sprayed and smoothed out to show the true form of the pool, we go one step further in the pool process by applying a sealer to the structure of the pool. The sealer we like using comes from a company called Acron, which is considered the best in the industry for the sealant products. It is important to spray the sealant onto the structure of the pool to fill in any areas of the void in the concrete so that efforesence does not appear overtime through the tile or plaster. This is especially important in the tile applications over the weir wall for a vanishing edge pool or raised spa with overflow areas.

Tile and coping would be next to complete in our pool construction. Starting with the coping we set the final height of the pool by applying the type of coping desired by customer, whether it is a natural stone or paver materials, we can do a variety of custom installs. The tile is the next part of that section gets a wet bed of mortar to the area of the tile install. This is to smooth and level the area to get a clean look to the tile. After this is completed a latex thin set is applied to the wet bed and then the intended tile is placed onto the thin set and compressed. It is important for all areas of the tile is compressed to get the proper coverage of the thin set to the back of the tile. You want there to be a complete adhesive bond to the tile so that there are no pop outs overtime, because all tile is not water resistant.

Our company uses a product called River Rok from which brings a variety of color and color aggregates to the surface for an unbelievable look that makes the whole pool shine. When applying the River Rok the pool gets its' color in the initial application than an acid wash is applied to bring the aggregates to the surface and in some cases crusted shells mixed in the aggregates.

As stated we are a full service company that will provide not only the pool but a full range of landscaping in and around the pool as well as custom stonework to complete any pool to it's fullest extend.

Please take the time to view our website and design galleries to see various projects we have completed over the years. We hope you will like what you see and will contact us in the near future for all of your landscaping, hardscaping and renovation needs.

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