Garden Patios Inc. is devoted to and has provided all types of professional landscaping and hardscaping services for the past 10 years.

What We Can Provide and Install:

• Spas - Therapeutic spas are an excellent way to enhance the look of your backyard.

• Water Line and Below WaterlIne Tile - We work with a variety of tiles from glass to ceramics to come up with a unique look on the pool or spa.

• Natural Limestone Waterfalls and Grottos - We specialize using natural materials to really add something unique to your backyard.

• Slides - Whether made from concrete or fiberglass, slides are a nice touch for a fun way to enhance a pool.

• Stacked Stone and Pavers - We incorporate both in our designs to come up with a pool that differentiates your backyard from others in your neighborhood.

• Pool Shape - Whether small or large scale, you will be provided with a digital image of a design that will incorporates the terrain and the look of your home.

• Interior Finishes - Pebble Finishes - Our Company is certified through WWW.SGM.CC to provide a variety of plasters for years of durability and, in addition, visually enhance the pool.

• Decking - Pavers - Textured Concrete - Natural Stone - We work with multiple surfaces to allow for the customer to make choices based on their preferences and lifestyle. Your project should be both visually appealing and functional.

• Landscaping - This is the finishing touch that brings the project full circle. Flowering plants, perennials, or even a palm tree completes the project. We can help you to determine the best options for your backyard.

• Pool Equipment - From efficient pumps, salt systems, filters to interactive iPhone technology, the options are endless. We will be happy to discuss options with you taking into consideration your wants, needs and budget.

Please take the time to view our website and design galleries to see various projects we have completed over the years. We hope you will like what you see and will contact us in the near future for all of your landscaping, hardscaping and renovation needs.

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